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Bagh, the district headquarters of district Bagh is 100 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad via Kohallah & 80 Kilometers via Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers from Islamabad and 48 kilometers from Rawalakot. This town is situated on the confluence of two mini nullahs- Malwani & Mall, which flow all the year round. The people of Bagh are brave, courageous and skilled, especially the artificers in the field of bakery & confectionery. The well recognized " Haji Peer Pass " is about 32 kilometers from Bagh City linked with metalled road. Middle standard hotels, PWD and Forest rest houses are available for visitors, whereas, all the basic necessities of life are available in the Bagh bazars.
The fascinating and charming place of District Bagh is 25 kilometers from Kohalla, the gateway of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and 132 kilometers from Islamabad . Located at an altitude of 1676 meters, Dheerkot possesses an extremely pleasant and healthy climate. This place is very popular among the visitors as a tourist resort mainly due to easy access, suitable altitude and beautiful landscape.
In the heart of the calm & quite Deodar and Kail mixed forest, there is a posh Forest rest house, three Tourist Huts and a Log Hut, which are greatly sought after by tourists in summer. Dheerkot is linked with all parts of Azad Kashmir by black top roads and direct transport services are also available.
From Dheerkot towards southeast 6 Km ahead, this spot is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters. Besides its scenic beauty, this place is well-known for its historic background. On August 23, 1947 the Mujahideen-e-Azadi assembled at this place and started armed struggle for accession to Pakistan . Sufficient accommodation facilities are available here for visitors.
From Bagh, a 15 kilometers long mettalled road leads to Las Danna which is a place of captivating scenes and natural beauty. From Lasdanna, three roads branch off the main road i.e. Mahmood gali-Palangi, Haji pir- Aliabad and Abbasspur- Hajira respectively. A tourist rest house is available here for accommodation.
Sudhangali, located at a height of 2134 meters, links Chikkar with Bagh, a town in the Bagh district. This scenic spot also serves as a base camp for those interested in hiking/ trekking to the nearby 3045 meters high mountain "Ganga Choti". It is also linked with Chikkar.
Buses & vans ply daily from Bagh, Chikkar & Muzaffarabad to this place. A tourist rest house & PWD rest house provide reasonable accommodation facilities here.
Districts Mirpur is located at the extreme South of the State and is linked with Pakistan and the districts of Azad Kashmir through several routes. District Mirpur comprises partly plain and partly hilly areas. Its hot climate and other geographical conditions closely resemble to those of Jhelum and Gujrat, the adjoining districts of Pakistan. The people of this area are basically agriculturists. During the last four decades a large number of people from this district have gone abroad, especially to United Kingdom for earning their livelihood. As such, they are today the major foreign exchange earning resource for Pakistan. As it adjoins the industrial cities of Pakistan, the Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has successfully endeavored to develop it as an industrial place and promote private investment for establishing Textile, vegetable ghee, garments, scooters, cosmetics and many other industries. Bhimber a newly established district declared in.
Mangla is a small beautiful modern town. It is situated at a distance of 110 kilometers from Islamabad and is 15 kilometers short of Mirpur City . The construction of Mangla reservoir having perimeter of 100 kilometers and presence of Mangla and Ramkot Forts of Mughal period have turned this place into an attractive tourist spot. Mangla has special attraction for the tourists coming on short visits because of its proximity to Jhelum, Lahore and Rawalpindi / Islamabad.
Mirpur, the district headquarter is situated at an elevation of 459 meters A.S.L. It is linked with the main Peshawar- Karachi Grand Trunk Road at Dina, a small town about 15 kilometers short of Jhelum city.
The construction of Mangla Dam converted the old Mirpur town into a big artificial lake and effected a population of about 50,000. But it paved the way for existing new Mirpur town situated on the bank of Mangla Lake. The city is well planned and buildings are mostly of modern design. Mirpur has developed into an industrial city very rapidly. All the basic amenities of life are available in Mirpur. Colleges, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, hotels, telephone & telegraph units, Forest , PWD, Industries and Tourist rest houses exist in the city. Bus and wagon transport services are also available.
Picturesquely located on the summit of a hill, Ramkot Fort is built over the site of an old Hindu Shiva temple. 3 sides of this hill top are surrounded by River Jhelum (ancient Vitasta). During excavations relics of the 5th - 9th century AD have been discovered near one of the temples. In the 16th - 17th century AD the Muslim rulers of Kashmir in safe guarding their boundaries built numerous forts. Ramkot, sitting atop at the confluance of the river Jhelum & Poonch is one of them. The Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir further fortified Ramkot.
Ramkot Fort is located on the opposite side of the Mirpur Town and one has to cross Mangla Lake on boat to reach there. A 10 minutes travel by road from Mirpur leads to Sukhian and nearby Army Water Sports Club from where boats are available for access to Ramkot Fort. It takes 45 minutes to reach there.
Ramkot Fort can also be visited from Mirpur via Dudyial-Baily Kathaar route (77 Km) but from Baily Kathaar onward there is no regular road so it is better to travel from Sukhian by boat.
Khari Shareef:
8 kilometers from Mirpur, a black top road runs to Khari Shareef, a place of religious importance. This place is well known due to the shrines of Baba Peer-e-Shah Ghazi and Mian Mohammad Buksh (the author of famous "Saif-ul- Malook" based on mystic poetry. Thousands of pilgrims visit this sacred place to rejuvenate their adust hearts daily.

Azad Jammu & Kashmir Tourism

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Muzaffarabad, the capital of the Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir, is situated at the confluence of the Jhelum & Neelum rivers. It is at a distance of 138 kilometers from Rawalpindi and about 76 kilometers from Abbottabad.
The present name of Muzaffarabad has been given to it after the name of Sultan Muzaffar Khan, a chief of Bomba Dynasty (in 1652). Cradled by lofty mountains, Muzaffarabad is a blend of varied cultures and languages. Being the capital of the state it has all the necessary facilities of life. In addition, there are two historical forts, Red & Black Fort, situated on the opposite sides of river Neelum. The Neelum river streams, proudly through the hubbub of the town, joins river Jhelum at Domel and plays a dominant role in the micro climate of Muzaffarabad.
Muzaffarabad, being the capital city is not only the hub of political and cultural activities but it also serves as a base camp for the tourists. It has various spots of leisure. View point Sathra, a public place, unravels the panorama of the entire city before a beholder. The junction point of the river Neelum and Jhelum presents a majic beauty from here. Lohar Gali, situated 9 kilometers from Muzaffarabad on Abbottabad road. The Red fort is a witness to the ancient history of this great city. The local market in Muzaffarabad can be explored for walnut carvings, kashmiri shawls and other traditional handicrafts. It is always possible to get a good bargain.
Muzaffarabad Fort, generally known as Red Fort, traces back a checquered history. It is said that construction of the fort was initially taken up by the Chuk rulers to counter the offensives of the intruders. However, Sultan Muzaffarabad Khan, the founder of Muzaffarabad town, finally completed it in 1646. During the Mughal rule in Kashmir this Fort lost its importance, as they were more interested in other parts of their empire. But when Durrani's over-took the rule of this area, it again came in to limelight and its importance was recovered. Afterwards during the Dogra rule of Maharaja Ghulab Singh and Maharaja Ranbir Singh, the Fort was reconstructed and extended according to their political and militarial requirements. However, towards the end of 1947 the Dogra's fled away leaving the fort wide open to anybody. Since then it has braved devastating floods, ravages of time, and other hazards to project its inherent glory and historical background.
The awe-inspiring locus, with an altitude of 2924 meters above the sea level is located eastward of Muzaffarabad. Due to its tremendous scenic beauty, velvet green plateaus and wonderful climate, it wins admiration of nature lovers. The view of the summit of the neighbouring mountain peaks spell bounds a tourist. Devotees of Saint Shah Hussain Bukhari, take pilgrimage to rejuvenate their adust heart. The adjacent Pirchinassi, phawna da Danna and the areas in the bottom of Pirchinassi, i.e. Saran, Sud Bun, Mushki, Sakki and Jarran phirran are also worth seen and ideal for hiking, trekking and camping activities.AJK Tourism Department has also constructed a tourist lodge at Saran to provide accommodation facilities to the tourists.
The comely beauty of the place attracts a restive mind to prolong his stay. The picturesque Shaheed Gali, situated at the height of about 1640 meters above sea level is at a distance of about 16 kilometers westward from Muzaffarabad. From Shaheed Gali a trek of 4 Kms leads towards a wholesome spot namely "Sri Kot". A tourist is bound to be fascinated by the serenity for the backdrop of the area. A Tourist Rest House is available for accommodation at Shaheed Gali.
Located at a distance of 19 Km from Muzaffarabad, it is a gateway to Neelum valley and can be the first journey break on the way.
A mini zoo and a fish hatchery have turned the place into a site of diversions. AJK Tourism Department has constructed a Tourist Rest House here, which is very popular among tourists.
About 240 kilometers long the picturesque Neelum Valley is situated to the North & North East of Muzaffarabad. Running parallel to the Kaghan Valley it is separated from it by snow covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic view, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams, high altitude lakes and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true.
The area is also ideal for mountain tourism. A part of Nanga Parbat Massif falls in this area which is dominated by "Sarwaali Peak" (6326 meters) the highest mountain in Azad Kashmir. Moreover like Kaghan Valley it is famous for fishing and angling activities in Neelum river and Jagran nullah which are stocked with trout fish.
A fair weather road opens the valley to tourists up to Kel, 155 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Buses ply daily on this route and accommodation facilities are also available in the rest houses at places of tourist attraction.
a) Kundle Shahi:
It is 74 Kms from Muzaffarabad. Here, silvery stream Jagran nullah joins river Neelum, where trout fish is found abundantly.
The bewitching beauty of Kutton permeated in the radius of 10 kilometers, makes Jagran Valley. The area is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi and is accessible by road. For the convenience of tourists, AJK tourism Department has constructed a rest house here. Whereas, accommodation is also available in adjacent residential complex managed by the Hydro Electric Board. From here 16 kilometers onward, Thunian, Ghansi and Jagran are located which are worth seeing spots for nature lovers and adventurists.
About 5 kilometers ahead of Kundal Shahi, Salkhala is another secluded spot of tourist interest located across river Neelum. Here a trout hatchery has been established. A Tourist Rest House and 3 huts are available here for accommodation.
Athmaqam is 10 kilometers from Kundal Shahi a height of 1371 meters. It is the sub-divisional headquarter of the areaand serves as a take-off point for tourists interested in hiking and exploring the inner valley. It is an attractive place known for its variety of fruit. All necessary facilities viz bazaar, post office, banks, hospital, telephone and PWD rest house are available here.
At a distance of about 9 Kms from Athmaqam, Neelum (Karen) is situated on the Right Bank of Neelum River at about 1524 meters above sea level. It has a fascinating scenery. A small bazaar and a tourist rest house situated on the bank of meandering river Neelum across from where one can have a glance at the Indian held Kashmir. The panoramic lush green valley, profound in wild fruit and wildlife, attracts the tourists from every nook & corner of the country. Owing to its tourist attraction, AJK Tourism Department has launched a project to convert it in to a tourist resort.
Dowarrian is situated about 13 Kms from Neelum at an altitude of about 1615 meters. It is surrounded by mountains full of full of Conifer trees. A mule track upto Ratti Gali Pass about 30 Kms towards west connects the Neelum & Kaghan Valleys. There is a Forest Rest House on the top of the hill and a tourist rest house is available for accommodation near main road.
Located ar a distance of 30 kilometers from Dowarrian, it is a breath- taking green spot at an altitude of 1981 meters. Shardi & Nardi are the two mountain peaks over looking the valley, reputed named after legendary princesses Shaeda & Narda. It has a captivating landscape with numerous springs and hillsides covered with thick forest. Over the right bank, opposite to Sharda, the river Neelum is joined by the Surgan nullah along which a track leads to the Noori Nar Pass and through it to Kaghan Valley .
In Sharda, one also finds ruins of an old Buddhist Monastery and a fort which are of historical background. Facilities of a small bazaar, Post Office, health center and Public Call Office are available in Sharda. The AJK Tourism Department has established here a "Tourist Village" consisting of Tourist Rest Houses, Youth Hostels, Cafeteria and Games room to facilitate tourists.
h) KEL:
19 kilometers journey from Sharda, upstream takes one to Kel. It is a small valley at the height of 2097 meters. This is another picturesque place in the Neelum Valley . The Shounter Nullah joins river Neelum at this place and leads to Gilgit Agency over the Shounter Pass (4,420 meter). Kel is also a base camp of mountaineering activities up to " Sarawaali Peak " 6326 meters above sea level and "Sarawaali Glacier" which are said to be the heighest peak and biggest glacier of Azad Kashmir.
Buses ply daily on this route. It is advisable to hire a jeep from Authmaqam for a trip in to the Valley. Horses and ponies can also be hired locally for travel to the interior of the Neelum Valley . Banks, Collage, Hospital, Bazaar, PCO and a Tourist Motel are available here.
The border village about 38 km ahead of Kel, is a fascination yet unexplored. Janawai, and Sardari are the most beautiful places around here. A tourist rest house has been constructed at Halmat to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors.
(Note): Some of the tourist places of Neelum Valley are situated in the range of Line of Control (LoC), therefore, sometimes it becomes difficult to visit these areas. So before visiting the valley, the visitors are required to get information from AJK Tourism Department.
This is an ideal valley for both the domestic and international tourists. The curling river Jhelum passes through from East to West between the high green mountains of this valley and joins the river Neelum at Domel near Muzaffarabad city.
A 59 Km long metalled road runs along the river Jhelum from Muzaffarabad to Chokothi, which is located adjacent to line of control (LoC). Buses & wagons ply on this route regularly.
It is 24 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The town surrounded by mountains is located on both sides of river Jhelum . Educational, medical, telephone, accommodation and shopping facilities are available here. AJK Government has established here an "Extension Services Management Academy (ESMA)", which provides training facilities of international level.
This is the most fascinating & loveliest valley in Azad Kashmir. A metalled road branches off for Leepa from Naily, 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, climbs over the Reshian Gali 3200 meters high and then descends to 1677 meters on the other side into the Leepa Valley. It spell bounds everyone who visits this valley.
The valley remains open for domestic tourists only from May to November. A few places of tourist interest in this valley are:
Leepa is a small village about 60 kilometers from Naily and 38 kilometers from Reshian, at an altitude of 1921 meters. Its lush green rice fields in summer and typical wooden Kashmiri houses present a wonderful view to the people visiting the area. Walnut, Apple, Cherry and honey of Leepa are very popular and in great demand.
Dao - Khan is situated some 75 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. An unpaved but well maintained road branches off from Reshian to Dao- Khan (4 kilometers from Reshian), which is now well recognized due to its high altitude (2490 meters), calm & peaceful atmosphere, excellent scenic beauty and panoramic views. Accommodation facilities through Tourist Rest House and Forest Rest House are available. Owing to flow of visitors/ tourists in the summer season, AJK Tourism Dept. also provides tent service for accommodation.
Chananian, 62 kilometers from Naily & 36 kilometers from Reshian, is situated opposite to Leepa, near the Line of Control (LOC), at an altitude of 2226 meters. Surrounded by thick pine forests and nullah Qazi Naag flowing near by it, Chananian is also a worth seeing place in Leepa Valley .
From Reshian onwards, one has to hire jeeps for journey to Leepa and other places.

Romantic Vacations in India

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Are you looking for a truly romantic place, a place where you and your partner can sit down for a while and express to your hearts full? How about a serene beach and a stroll in the moon lit night, a candle light dinner in an open roof restaurant? Some moments next to the most beautiful monument you have come across with, that is symbolic of love and heightens your feelings and commitment? Or a place where legends of love have been created and recreated?Or would you like to explore the wonderful shallow waters in a slow paced boat, through the lush nature in the tropical lands, capturing beautiful moments with the person who has been with you and who is going to be with you all your life? You chose the occasion and we have the place.We let you explore the wonderful lands of India, explore some of the best romantic places and spots located on its territory. Some of these destinations, as you will observe, have been enlisted and given below.
GOA - OVERVIEW... Along the west coast of India lies a small state, beauty of a place and as live as can be. Goa - with its pristine beauty and its sublime character intoxicates the travellers that pass through. It is a gateway to the seas of happiness witholding waves of contend. If you can't be merry here then you better quit considering your travel plans and schedules.Located along the coastal belts of Konkan, Goa is a treasure trove for tourists. It is one big name in the tourism industry. Goa is the second smallest state in India (area wise) that lies abutted by the Arabian Sea. The eastern and southern boundaries are secured by Karnataka state, where as the state shares its northern borders with Maharashtra state. The western region stands over the Konkan coastal belts and faces the sea. Sea shores have given Goa much more than the towering peaks give to the north Indian states. Beaches are the most attractive and the much prized gifts the state is endowed with.Goa is a beach paradise. The alluring aquamarine drenched feeling and the pale white sandy beaches invites quite a crowd. This erstwhile Portuguese colony has a very distinct identity. The occupation by the foreign state has left some indelible impressions. Popular culture reveals very lively and liberal characters. Monuments and historical places adds up to mixed feelings - Goa is one place that stands far at the edge considering the popular culture. GOA - TOURIST DESTINATION:
Goa is one of the most visited tourist place in India. This exuberant beach state lures tourists from all corners of the world. Apart from that, the state is also famous for its unique heritage and historical places. Pleasant climate, cosmopolitan culture and its genteel population serve as desserts after a refreshing vacation as meals. From luxurious resorts to small taverns, you will find quite an experience at Goa. Some important tourist destinations in the state include Old Goa, Mapusa, Panjim, Arambol, Canacona, Margao, Marmagao, Vasco Da Gama, Ponda.
Beaches are the most coveted places in Goa. These salubrious stretches of land have won great favors for the state. The beaches are amongst the best in the world. Leisure and facilities are readily available here. Gentle surf, soft sand shores, resorts, swaying palms and ancient monuments and more, all contributes to wonderful stay at Goa. Popular beaches at Goa include Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Benaulim Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Calangute Beach, Colva Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Varca Beach, Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach, Vagator Beach.
At Goa you will find some amazing buildings and structures that were erected during the Portuguese occupation. Amongst the important structures special reference has been given to churches. A large number of tourists and travellers find their way to these popular attractions. Other than their building structure these churches are also famous for historical events associated with them. Some popular churches in the state are Church Of Our Lady Rosary, Convent and Church of St Francis, Basilica De Bom Jesus Church, Se Cathedral Church,Convent and Church of the Cross of Miracles, Royal Chapel of St Anthony, the Chapel of St Catherine, the Church and Convent of St Monica, The Church of Camelites.
A part of Sahayadiri ranges fall in the state of Goa. These small hilly ranges of the Western Ghats homes to a great many species of birds. Moving away from the hills and towards the Arabian Sea tropical climate takes over. The warm temperature and the loamy soil helps the vegetation and so does the low lying hills. These hills are responsible for adequate rainfalls and forest growth is more spread over here. A mere ten percent of the land area in Goa constitutes the wildlife reserves. Even though, some exotic bird and animal species are found in Goa. Important wildlife sanctuaries include Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Bondla Sanctuary, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.
Goa, often referred to as the 'beach paradise', draws thousands of tourists from India as well as different parts of the world. For these tourists Goa offers plenty of accommodation options including some of the finest resorts of the world. These resorts, known for their contemporary amenities and warm hospitality, provide you a comfortable and memorable stay. Moreover, most of the resorts in Goa have luxury spas, which offer Ayurveda therapies to unite your body, mind and soul. Far from the hustle and bustle of cities, Goa resorts take you to a secluded world, where you can relax, relax and relax.
Goa Carnival, the most eagerly awaited festival in Goa is celebrated every year in the month of February for three days and nights. A unique and exclusive festival to Goa, Goa Carnival was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled over the state around 500 years. Initially started as a rowdy celebration by the local people, the Goa Carnival has now crossed the boundaries of the state and attracts thousands of people from almost all parts of the country. A number of events epitomizes the festival including parades with bands, dances and songs with colourful costumes, stage play, mock battles etc.
Goa is a state which never sleeps and due to its unique feature it serves up a variety of things to do at night. Nightlife of Goa attracts people from cities and towns of the state and neighbouring states. A full-night party in any of the Goa’s beach shacks is a fine option to drink and dance all through the night or you may enjoy some of the delectable cuisine in any of restaurant by the beach. Some of the popular nightlife options in Goa include a lavish dinner in Panaji, Mapusa, Margao or Vasco, European food in the sea-side restaurant, rave parties in bars, cruising through the Mandovi river by night and gambling away the evening in the casinos.
A visit to Goa is incomplete unless you bring back some souvenir from this beach paradise. Shopping in Goa is an exciting affair, you may buy a wide variety of items from the big city markets or small beach-side markets. Apart from these, Goa is also known for its flea markets like Anjuna Wednesday Flea Market and Anjuna Saturday Night Market. A wide range of items are on offer in these Goan markets such as clothes, shoes, jewellery, semi-precious stones, flowers, bags, handicrafts, traditional Goan items, homemade pickles, sweets spices, baked delicacies, fruits, vegetables and dry fish.
About Kerala ... Located in the extreme south of India, the state of Kerala attracts tourists in large numbers from every part of India and abroad. On the map of India, Kerala resembles a banana leaf clinging between the Western Ghats and beaches of Arabian sea. Packed with a highly literate population of 26 million people, Kerala covers an area of 38,900 sq km.
Kerala occupies a unique place in India's tourism due to certain attractions exclusive only to this state. The green valleys, thick forests, beautiful lakes and rivers gives the Kerala landscape a great charm. But Kerala is better known for her backwater delights and Ayurvedic centres. Backwaters are inter connected inland lakes snaking through the picturesque landscape of the state. Coupled with them are Kerala's splendid festivals laced with some mysterious rituals. Kerala also preserves historical heritage in the form of many ancient and medieval period temples. The beautiful hill station of Munnar and popular wildlife sanctuary of Periyar are also located in the state. Kerala has been an important centre for trade since the medieval period. The British also contributed to the development of her infrastructure. After independence, Kerala has earned reputation of being one of the few Indian states to progress rapidly in various spheres.
Close to the end of this century, the much famous National Geographic Traveller covered 50 tourist destinations for once in a life time visit and Kerala was the only one to score, besides Taj Mahal which was included as a single most tourist place, from the sub continent. Kerala's beauty lies in its placid nature encompassing serene backwaters, beaches, hill stations, flora and fauna, forts, Ayurveda, boat races, natural harbors and more. The entire state with an approximate area of 39,000 (38,863) sq kms is a complete package including numerous tourist destinations. Nine out of 14 districts exist as major tourist destinations. Pleasant climate, popular and traditional modes of transportation and a distinct culture add a fourth dimension to the picture. Provided with modern facilities of a comfortable and luxurious stay, the place is all set for international rankings.
Kerala exists as a major tourist hub in the Indian sub continent. Stretched out as a narrow land strip on the Western Coasts of India, the place has been acclaimed as one of the best tourist places in India. This enchanting state features beautiful backwater lakes, low lying hills, beaches and the famous spice gardens of India. There are numerous places one can visit, each exhibiting a speciality of its own. The physical proximity of these places makes them available as major destinations which in simpler terms represents a town or city with most of the tourist places located in its premises. The major tourist destinations of Kerala include Alappuzha, Kochi, Kollam, Kovalam, Kozhikode, Kumarakom, Munnar, Thekkady and Thiruvananthapuram.
The inland lakes, lagoons and canals are spread throughout Kerala and are navigable. A journey through such backwaters in traditional boats makes up a unique experience. Major backwater destinations of Kerala include Alappuzha Backwaters, Kochi Backwaters, Kollam Backwaters, Kozhikode Backwaters, Kumarakom Backwaters.
Kerala beaches that stand on the shoreline of Arabian feature are exquisite and ideal for summer vacations. Golden beaches dotted with coconut and palm groves, ayurveda and spa resorts, etc., are the prized attractions of Kerala. Sun bathing, swimming, ayurvedic treatment are some popular beach activities at Kerala. These laid down beaches include Kovalam Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Bekal Beach, Varkala Beach.
Far from the coasts and towards the eastern periphery of Kerala are located some beautiful hill stations. The landscape is fascinating, with velvety green low lying hills, adventurous treks, tea plantations and a cool thin mist that refreshes mind and soul. Bestowed with rich flora and fauna, there are more than tourists there. The known hill stations of Kerala are Munnar Hill Station and Devikulam Hill Station.
Elephant is a symbol of wildlife when talking about Kerala. There are many sanctuaries and parks established throughout the state featuring the rich biological diversity. Forest lands and backwaters are the happy grounds for numerous species of birds and animals, found at large in Kerala. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary are three important sanctuaries of Kerala.
Kerala, the God’s Own Land offers plethora of man-made and natural wonders for tourists. Beaches, Backwaters, House Boats, Lofty Hills, Waterfalls etc. are some of the major attractions of Kerala, which draw tourists from all over the world. All the tourist destinations of Kerala have a number of resorts which provide comfortable stay and the ayurvedic treatment as well. Some of the famous resorts of Kerala are Kumarakom Lake Resort, Keraleeyam Resort, Shalimar Spice Garden, Marari Beach Resort, Kairali Resort, Surya Samudra Beach Resort, Somatheeram Resort, Spice Village and Taj Garden Retreat.
Kerala has a tropical climate. Summers are hot but not unbearable. Temperature may rise to a high of around 35 degrees in most places. The south west monsoon brings a lot of rainfall to the state between June-September period. Winters are never chilly as temperatures seldom drop below 20 degrees during the November-January period.
Air : There are three major airports in Kerala-Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut. The airports of Trivandrum and Cochin also handle international flights while Calicut Airport operates nationally. Flights operated by Indian Airlines and private carriers are regularly available from many national destinations to Kerala. RAIL: All the major towns and cities of Kerala are connected by a well laid broad gauge network. Express train services operate from many destinations of India to Trivandrum and Cochin-the two big stations of Kerala. Road : The entire state of Kerala has an excellent road network. Both the national highways and state highways of the state are in very good condition. Inter-state deluxe bus services originating from neighbouring states operate to all major destinations of Kerala.
A wide range of accommodation options are available in all of Kerala's places of tourism interest. Although luxury accommodation may not be available in the smaller towns, all the big cities and towns have well developed accommodation infrastructure. Kerala also offers some rare and unique accommodation choices to tourists in the form of backwater house boats and Ayurvedic health resorts.
On their way back home after a refreshing tour of Kerala, tourists must not forget to pick some of the best products of the state. The best buys of the state include traditional handicraft items like carved wooden elephant souvenirs, other wood carvings, brass ware, copper ware, bell metal products, cane and bamboo furniture, coir products, sandalwood, conch shells and different varieties of paintings and masks.
number of services and facilities are provided to meet the requirements of a successful tour in the beautiful state of Kerala. These services and facilities are provided as regular tour packages where-in all requisite arrangements are made by the operator on behalf of the tourists on visit. The packages are customized for the preferred places and the time available to the tourist. The operators provide guided tours and services like transportation, accommodation, catering, pre booking arrangement in case of parks, sanctuaries, hotels, resorts, medical assistance, etc. Tourists, who visit as large groups often receive a reduction in the rates charged, due to sharing of some of the facilities. The tour packages provide one sure means to check out the popular attractions in the state.

Best Places of India For Tourism

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TOUR : Highlights include visits to Red Fort (Delhi), Qutab Minar (Delhi), Taj Mahal (Agra), Agra Fort (Agra), City Palace and Museum (Jaipur), Hawa Mahal (Jaipur) etc. Backwater cruise across Kumarakom backwaters and boat cruise in Periyar lake are another highlights of this tour.
OVERVIEW:"One nation, countless destinations", of course, this saying is absolutely correct for an enchanting land like India. Bestowed with a history dating back to five thousand years, India offers plethora of attractions for tourists visiting the country. In fact, its impossible to choose some of the best attractions of India from its vast geographical diversity, rich culture and heritage, colourful fairs and festivals and monumental attractions that span over a sub-continent. Moreover, after keeping in view various aspects we have customized a special tour package for your which takes you to the Best Places of India. Some of the popular places which you cover on this tour package include Red Fort (Delhi), Qutab Minar (Delhi), Taj Mahal (Agra), Amber Fort (Jaipur), Hawa Mahal (Jaipur), City Palace (Udaipur), Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (Thekkady), Kumarakom Backwaters, Goa Beaches etc. So, stay with us and visit India as soon possible to see this attractions on your own.
INCLUSIONS :Accommodation, Meal, Transport, Services of local guides for sightseeing tours, Backwater cruise at Kumarakom, Entry fees to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and boat cruise across Periyar Lake. Economy class airfare as per itinerary.
EXCLUSIONS:Shopping and other meals apart from breakfast and lunch at house boat.

Tourism Western Australia

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Tourism Western Australia is responsible for promoting Western Australia as an attractive holiday, event, convention and incentive travel destination, nationally and overseas and enhancing the tourism industry, infrastructure and product base.
To see how Tourism Western Australia markets Western Australia to tourists around the world, visit our travel website which features all your travel needs - from planning how to get here, through to organising an itinerary full of stunning destinations, natural attractions and activities. Find out more about Tourism WA and how we can help. If you have any feedback, please contact us.


Travel to New Zealand

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Welcome to the official site of Kiwi Tourism New Zealand - the best place to plan your New Zealand travel. Discover new places and ways to travel in New Zealand plus find New Zealand maps, accommodation, great deals on New Zealand travel and more.Travel to New Zealand - New Zealand travel information, maps, driving routes, activities and accommodation information to help you plan your next New Zealand vacation. New Zealand travel begins here - the best place to plan your New Zealand travel. Discover new places and ways to travel in New Zealand plus find New Zealand maps, accommodation, great deals on New Zealand travel and more. Start planning your New Zealand travel now. New Zealand tourist holiday vacation and Immigration information. Find a flight to New Zealand for your New Zealand tour. Play a round of golf, buy a map, hire a rental car, have an adventure. Accommodation ranges from backpackers, bed and breakfast to luxury hotel. You will find a diverse range of scenery and conditions. Thinking about immigration and want to live in New Zealand. Work in New Zealand, get a job,find hotels and motels in NewZealand.
New Zealand is youngest country on earth - the last major landmass to be discovered.New Zealand has a rich and fascinating history, reflecting both our Maori and European heritage. Historic sites dating back almost a thousand years are a contrast to many beautiful colonial buildings. New Zealand is a modern country with a well-developed economy and a government structure based on the British parliamentary system. A walk around any New Zealand city today shows what a diverse and fascinating country we have become.

Ten most dangerous places for tourism

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Democratic Republic Congo is on the seventh place. Since times of the Second World War 4 million people have died in this country, and fragile political conditions holds Congo on the verge of civil war. The governmental armies, supported by Angola and Zimbabwe battle against insurgents from Uganda and Ruanda, and there is a risk to get under cross fire. Therefore, enjoying tourists should be jungle and the African climate extremely cautious. Besides in the country the level of disease of AIDS is very high. The level of danger to the traveler is defined as high.Mexico - it is not also paradise for the tourists, warned with own safety. This country offers a picturesque countryside, tasty meal, ridiculous hats and the highest rating of involuntary murders in the world to the travelers. Drug traffic and activity of criminal groupings do this rather quiet country dangerous to tourists. In capital of the country - Mexico City - 15 000 people are being killed annually. The Risk level varies from an average up to high.Pakistan - is the country, where local Islamic extremist groupings, majority of which is connected with Al-Qaeda. Even local politicians and religious minority are often engaged in murders of representatives of the peace population. In Pakistan people are incessantly hold a meeting against something. More close to border with Afghanistan (number one in the list of the dangerous countries) groups of terrorists act. The Risk level, strangely enough, is only average.Thailand, famous “mad” drivers on roads of the country, end the list of the most “dangerous” tourist countries. Here, movement is link sided, but it does not prevent 12 million bikers to go how they will want. They do not pay special attention neither to traffic lights, nor to the pedestrians passing road. In Thailand more than 17 000 person perish in failures annually, basically because of the motorcyclists, drunk drivers or speed exceed. Besides, recently cases of acts of terrorism have become frequent in the country, and crimes on sexual ground are also widespread. The level of danger to tourists is defined as average.